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This website is a bit of a side project for the owner. It's a one-man show, with some help from other developer friends and minimal to no marketing, mostly meme marketing.

It's not a passion project, but a fun one meant to spread some laughs and sell some shirts, but mostly hats. All the while developing a cutting-edge eCommerce platform.

So, be patient and provide feedback with us.

Nonetheless, this website aims to provide high quality apparel with a high moral mission. That's why 50% of all profits are donated to curated charities. You can find more information about this on the transparency page.

There's no warehouse and no inventory behind this operation. Well there is, but not under TS2M LLC's ownership.

We use dropshippers who print, package, and ship the products sold on this website to the customer's door. You can find more information from our dropshippers directly at Printful.com.

With that being said, a lot of designs are not test printed before added to the store. Especially user-submitted designs - those can almost guaranteed to be untested. Be weary of this, but know that all designs will be moderated in accordance with the dropshippers' printing policies and guidelines.
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